Today’s healthcare support organizations are often overwhelmed with many priorities, leaving little to no time to focus on the optimal method for managing medical equipment

The processes and systems supporting large medical equipment fleets are often disconnected. These include the traditional Bio-Med offering and the worlds of sterile processing, patient bed management, surgical instrument repair, and equipment location and distribution.

Bio-Med teams are often viewed as nothing more than another fix-it shop in the basement, with the department’s significant daily impact on the clinical environment underestimated. This situation tends to inflate external vendor service costs as teams are rarely provided the necessary resources to administer a more comprehensive program.

Merger activity also generally results in a large volume of waste, with duplicated services sprinkled throughout multiple facilities. Clinical technology service and systems support costs are rarely clear to healthcare leaders. Program quality and true total spend in these areas are often murky and fragmented.

GlideNet brings a fully integrated approach  to the clinical asset systems in your organization.

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