The GAP Assessment option is a detailed effort to baseline and map the current delivery models for all in-scope services and departments. Opportunities identified must meet the financial and operational criteria of the health system. This option spans nine to twelve weeks and targets the identification of approximately 10%-20% of the Facilities & Non-Clinical Operations Total Operating Expense (TOE). The product of this effort is a clean financial understanding of what is being spent and an exhaustive inventory of the improvement opportunities.

The GAP Assessment consists of several unique strategies that address specific areas of concerns

  • Facilities & Assets
  • Hospitality Services
  • Business Support Services
GAP Assessment Process Infographic

This offering provides:

  • The cost, configuration and profile across the enterprise
  • The service level requirements as well as the management efficiency
  • The GAP that defines the opportunities for improvement based on the organization’s constraints

Site Summary

A spend matrix is a combination of corporate data sets including facilities lists, accounts payable, and inventories. The spend matrix is used to baseline expenses and delivery models by category

GH Site Summary Laptop Mockup

Spend Matrix

Our team will triangulate the accounts payable, the general ledger and the corporate facilities list to build the spend matrix. The spend matrix will be used to baseline spend by facility, vendor and GL code. 

GH GlidePath Laptop Mockup


What-if scenario planning and forecasting based on the selected projects that best fit into current organizational resources and constraints

GH Site Ops Profile Laptop Mockup

Site Operations Profile

Our team will use the spend matrix in coordination with client data to estimate and identify process improvement and cost reduction initiatives by category

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