Value Proposition

The GlideNet value proposition leverages deep healthcare sector relationships and shared service delivery expertise to unlock multi-million dollar revenue opportunities in a cost-challenged sector that represents 16% of US GDP. The prospective member group has come to agreement that significant value exists in providing a comprehensive GAP Analysis for the client, leading to a full range of improvement possibilities with which clients can readily identify and take action with great confidence.

The GlideNet process begins with data collection, followed by an on-site GAP analysis of all areas of scope served by the group, across all facilities in the hospital system. By assessing the current operations of the facilities and determining the level of performance these areas of scope could attain, GlideNet provides the hospital system with a performance target for cost reduction. To achieve this target, the GlideNet partners work together among each other, and with hospital leadership and personnel to identify discrete projects for improvement. 

These projects incorporate best-in-class technology, processes and policies and are assigned estimated project cost and savings projections. These projects are ultimately packaged into a Cost Reduction Program developed and recommended by GlideNet. If implemented at the required level of investment, the program will create significant annual savings. Finally, these projects will be verified and measured to ensure performance is as anticipated.



Health care systems are constantly looking for ways to broaden their value proposition and increase revenue. GlideNet will provide strategic development, program execution and a tool set for you to broaden your approach with tangible financial impact and measurable performance.

Our deliverables are designed to provide clients with a demonstrated process, validated by customers, with continued support from GlideNet.


GlideNet will provide clients with a strategy and process framework to look holistically at their value chain and explore possibilities for collaboration within their customers and supply channels.

We focus on searching out multiple channel partners who bring collaborative capability and savings opportunity to our clients. We lead the strategy development and market investigation process and provide clients with improved workflow and processes by leveraging relationships and service lines.


GlideNet has incorporated an execution component to all our service lines. Our utility optimization practice has been founded to assist health care systems in their efforts to measure and manage utilities, assets and facility related spending.

With our project management proficiency we realized our clients’ needs for implementation management and engineering support to realize their strategic goals. We focus on business case justification, supply partner collaboration, program execution, metrics and program tool sets through Collaborative Work Environments.

The Advantage