GlideNet provides healthcare clients with strategy and a process framework to look holistically at all non-clinical expenses and their impact on business operations.


The focus is on optimization of assets and processes with verifiable financial impact. The program approach creates a process driven rigor that becomes part of the business culture.


Effective partnering is one of the best and fastest courses of action for achieving incremental growth and reducing cost.

Customized mix of services.

Clients are in need of scalable execution support that leverages best practices to improve service levels and the overall cost performance.

Recognizing the significant cost challenges hospitals are facing today…

GlideNet’s Healthcare Optimization Services help the marketplace systematically improve its situation.

By leveraging synergies in the value analysis process as well as the program implementation, our Healthcare Optimization Services provides our clients with a strategy and process framework to look holistically at all non-clinical operating expenses and their impact on the overall business operations.

  • VALUE ASSESSMENT -Define the current cost and service level requirements
  • PROGRAM IMPROVEMENT – Leverage a customized mix of services
  • M&A Integrations – Clearly defining the work processes and tools