Systems are struggling to increase profitability…

Our program is Quick to adopt, Simple to implement, and encourages Healthy change in any organizational culture. 

  1. The GlideNet program provides several distinct advantages when compared to other solutions. Clients and hospitals are heavily involved through ideas, time and effort. 
  2. Workforces are empowered to be ready to implement effective change, and increase overall organizational capability.
  3. Lower costs with the best value + an execution model of which the hospital system can be proud of.

Our Core Competencies

  • Time Compression Cost
  • Reduction Savings
  • Optimization Change
  • Continuity Compatibillity

Value Proposition
& Benefits

Facilities & Non-Clinical Operations Management (FANCO) is a critical tool in a health care system’s effort to reduce costs and maximize profits. Through consistent strategic planning and processes, health care systems leverage tech ops management to reduce risk, lessen the effects of price volatility, become smarter, respond faster, and generate the competencies necessary to position itself atop its industry.

To meet these demands, GlideNet helps our clients develop and deploy a collaborative platform comprising both supply and demand services. This environment, through an integration of people, processes, and platforms, leads to improved efficiencies and reduced expenses.


Procurement Management

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We address everything from managing the supply contracts to strategic analysis and risk evaluation  (including transaction execution). Our concentration on commodities maximizes our client’s dollars and makes sure they’re spent in the most responsible manner.

Information Management

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Consumption and utilization data is collected and analyzed to provide an accurate understanding of its efficiency to identify and act upon areas of opportunity. Bill administration includes bill auditing, rate analysis and interval metering analysis.

Operations Management

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We provide strategic development, program execution, and a toolkit for healthcare systems to broaden their selling strategy with tangible financial impact and measurable performance. Our deliverables are designed to provide clients with a demonstrated process, validated with customers, and supported by GlideNet.

Environmental Management

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We offer a “Green” initiative. This initiative combines healthcare system programs with the current culture employee behaviors to transform attitudes and processes for long-lasting, continual benefits. Our approach directly responds to the needs many businesses have to effectively mange its energy programs. 

Through comprehensive service lines, the multiple resources and tools, this approach provides several benefits to all its clients including:

  • Increased efficiencies and reduced expenses leading to an improved bottom line
  • Access to best-in-class products and services without the cost of conducting market analysis
  • Ability to leverage the global purchasing power creating economies of scale
  • Monitoring and performance data for a more robust energy and sustainability delivery model
  • Faster deployment of programs and realization of savings with reduced risk

This platform designed to become an integral part in the effort to manage energy and sustainability programs for all industries.