Achieving financial goals in the non-clinical operational space.

GlideNet has assembled a world-class set of service providers in the healthcare space that have a common objective of helping our clients achieve their financial goals. GlideNet aids clients in the development of enterprise-wide strategies, long-range plan & road-maps to drive the program.

GlideNet’s Healthcare Optimization Services help the market-place systematically improve its situation. By leveraging synergies in the value analysis process as well as the program implementation, our Healthcare Optimization Services provides our clients with a strategy and process framework to look holistically at all non-clinical operating expenses and their impact on the overall business operations.

Cost Optimization Services focuses on improvement of assets and processes to create verifiable financial impact and deploys a process driven approach that becomes part of our client’s business culture.

We will significantly reduce facility and non-clinical operations cost structure by leveraging and integrating information, infrastructure and analytics to support enhanced decision making around the non-patient care functions.

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Compatible Solution

GlideNet can help Save More… Spend Less… Faster !

Once recognizing the significant profitability challenges hospitals are facing today, the GlideNet concept emerged as a compatible solution to help the marketplace systematically improve its situation. By leveraging synergies in the gap analysis process as well as the program implementation.

Systems are struggling to increase profitability…

The Advantage


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