The Market

It is no secret that the healthcare industry in the US faces serious challenges.

National healthcare revenues totaled $3 trillion in 2018. Hospital care represented $1 trillion of this total revenue (33%) out of which only $18 billion was profit (2%). Hospital care is the specific group that GlideNet aims to serve and help improve an anemic profit margin across this space.

Due to the market conditions described above, GlideNet has identified significant opportunity to provide sustainable value. Within an overall market of over 2900 non-governmental hospitals, GlideNet will target an initial set of 60 hospital systems with a goal of securing and engaging 20 systems by the end of 2020. By analyzing muddle service areas and producing a strategy where greater cost efficiencies may be achieved, GlideNet will deliver $25 million in hospital savings in 2019 and $250 million by the end of 2022.

This coordinated GAP Analysis and enterprise level plan development leads to a valuable program wide strategy recommendation, and a very strong C-Suite value proposition. This delivery-driven approach contrasts with traditional business consulting and creates a faster execution rate and a more cost effective implementation, leading to an attractive, compatible solution.

Further exacerbating the direct need in this space are the following factors:
  • Revenue growth has remained flat from 2003-2018
  • Hospitals are facing reduced reimbursements by 20-30%
  • Public sentiment toward the performance of the healthcare system is poor, with 78% of Americans providing the system with a grade of “C” or worse