Understand the baseline and opportunities to leverage best practices to improve service levels while reducing costs

The IT landscape has changed dramatically and will continue to do so. Our Optimization Program defines the roadmap that will deliver the best return.

To better manage the complexities of IT, we standardize the view into

17 Primary Categories
Expanding Over 163 Sub-Categories

  • Cloud Services
  • Colocation
  • Compliance
  • Connectivity
  • Contact Center
  • Hardware
  • International
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Managed Services
  • Mobility
  • Professional Services
  • SD-WAN
  • Security
  • Software
  • Unified Connections
  • Work From Home
  • Voice

Two value assessment options to meet you at your immediate pain point and budget

Full Assessment

  • 60 day virtual analysis on 17 primary IT tracks
  • Holistic optimization program approach
  • Objective to identify a comprehensive cost reduction program that meets < 3-year simple payback

Focused Assessment

  • 30 day virtual analysis on 6 primary IT tracks
  • Focused approach on highest impact services
  • Objective to identify low-to-no cost, high savings initiatives

Spend Matrix

A spend matrix is a combination of corporate data sets including facilities lists, accounts payable, and IT inventories. The spend matrix is used to baseline expenses and delivery models by IT categories

Opportunity Identification

Opportunity Identification Dashboard on Laptop

Our team will use the spend matrix in coordination with Varisource marketplace data to estimate and identify process improvement and cost reduction initiativesby IT category

Glidepath Dashboard on Laptop

Program Proforma & Glidepath

What-it scenario planning and forecasting based on the selected projects that best fit into current organizational resources and constraints

Execution support and project validation

Centralized Spend Contracts & Inventories

We help collect and input all the data for you as well as maintain updating the records ongoing as part of our service

  • Finally have visibility for your technology investments in one view
  • Know what you have now in order to plan & budget for the future
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Dashboard Mockup 2

Auto Renewal Monitoring

Suppliers often notify customers way too late to switch, or simply don’t remind you at all ahead of auto-renewal. Our platform auto-notifies you well in advance so you have time to evaluate.

  • Can’t rely on people, suppliers or spreadsheets to help you track
  • Getting auto-renew takes leverage power away from you

Marketplace Insights & Streamlined Procurement

With data insights you’re ready to make a change or start a new sourcing project, but don’t have time to research and have endless demos/calls with suppliers.Our marketplace does all of that for you automatically.

  • Access a marketplace of 1000+ vetted suppliers for any projects
  • 1000+ engineers available to answer questions for free anytime
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